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M3ED files are hosted in Amazon AWS arn:aws:s3:::m3ed-dist.


You may download each sequence individually by clicking on the link in Sequences.

Additionally, we provide a python script to download the data.

$ python --help
usage: [-h] [--vehicle VEHICLE]
                        [--environment ENVIRONMENT]
                        [--to_download TO_DOWNLOAD]
                        [--train_test TRAIN_TEST]
                        [--yaml YAML]
                        [--output_dir OUTPUT_DIR]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --vehicle VEHICLE     Type of vehicle to download:
                        car, falcon, spot.
                        If not provided,
                        all vehicles will be downloaded
  --environment ENVIRONMENT
                        Type of environment to download:
                        urban, indoor, forest, outdoor.
                        If not provided, all environments
                        will be downloaded
  --to_download TO_DOWNLOAD
                        Data to download: data, data_videos,
                        depth_gt, pose_gt, gt_vids,
                        semantics, semantics_vids,
                        global_pcd, raw_data
  --train_test TRAIN_TEST
                        Train or test data to download:
                        train, test. If not provided, both
                        train and test will be downloaded
  --yaml YAML           Path to dataset_lists.yaml.
                        If not provided, it will be downloaded
                        from the repository
  --output_dir OUTPUT_DIR
                        Output directory to download the data
  --no_download         Do not download the data,
                        just print the list of files

Alternatively, you can use the bucket directly from AWS. The file structure is specified in the dataset_list.yaml